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Welcome to LYNKS

FinologeeLYNKS* is a modern centralised banks and accounts management platform. It provides financial industry professionals, corporates and institutions with a single gateway to all their banks and accounts, streamlining processes such as payment initiation, validation and reporting. It consolidates account data from various banks, offering efficient access to balances, transactions, and reports.

Thanks to its direct connection to the SWIFT financial messaging network, it allows for virtually unlimited bank reach around the world. LYNKS also provides seamless bank integration via any additional channels such as EBICS or SFTP. The LYNKS platform is operated in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) setup by Finologee, hosted with Luxembourg’s leading data centre operator EBRC, in a redundant, compliant, secure and high-performance setup.

Flexible access rights and roles, complex workflow management capacity, a secure multi-factor authentication system and compliant audit/reporting capabilities provide a comprehensive gateway for financial industry and institutional players, encompassing all core banking payment and reporting functions via a single secure web interface and APIs.

Additionally, the integrated Finologee Peppol Access Point enables clients to use the Peppol to transmit messages such as invoices and orders more efficiently and securely.