LYNKS Release notes 5.1.0

Table of Content

Functional Improvements

Advanced tenant configuration

Administrators can now effortlessly add a user to a new tenant, even if the user already exists in another tenant, and activate Single Sign-On functionality. Additionally, administrators have the option to trigger notifications for newly added or modified authentication methods, streamlining the onboarding process for new users within LYNKS.

Notify user on added authentication method

Notify user on added authentication method


LYNKS' reporting section has been significantly enhanced for improved user experience and functionality.

One notable addition is a new report focusing on configured ordering party accounts. Starting from version 5.1, users can generate detailed reports on account balances for specific periods. These reports include information on the last known opening and closing balances, offering valuable insights for cash management.

Furthermore, users now have the ability to generate a report detailing the current state of their configuration. This downloadable report, available exclusively to administrators, provides a comprehensive overview of the access and permissions matrix, along with the signatory matrix, conveniently presented in a .xlsx file format.

Changes related to Bank accounts and Transactions

Bank accounts

The Bank Accounts pages have been enhanced to offer a more engaging visual experience. As a result, we have revamped the previous "My Accounts" page, introducing the new "Bank Accounts" list screen. The overview has undergone a makeover, now featuring widgets and improved in-out transaction information on the table for better clarity.

Accounts list

Accounts list - by accounts

To enhance the Accounts list further, we've added a toggle that allows users to view the list organized by account groups. This feature greatly improves the user experience by making it easy to identify which account belongs to a specific group.

Accounts list - by account groups

Accounts list - by account groups

Transactions history

A dedicated page provides a comprehensive list of transaction history, enhancing visibility for both incoming and outgoing transactions. This allows users to easily review all transactions, whether they were initiated through LYNKS or external sources.

Transaction history - list

Transaction history - list

UI and UX Improvements and Small Enhancements


We have rebranded our Authentication mobile application to FinologeeSIGN. With a focus on security and user-friendliness, we've made substantial improvements to ensure a seamless and protected mobile experience.

Wording and Design Updates

We've made improvements to the wording and design on several pages, aiming to enhance the overall user experience.

Bank accounts display

Organize your accounts effortlessly by grouping them based on various criteria. This not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures a more streamlined and engaging interface.