Counterparty creation

To create a new counterparty, users can conveniently input one by simply clicking on the "+" button located in the bottom right corner of the screen and clicking then on New counterparty. This intuitive action allows users to quickly access the counterparty creation feature.

Users have the following options for creating counterparties:

  • Uploading files for multiple counterparties: If there are multiple counterparties to be added, users can choose the "Upload file" option. By selecting this option, they will be able to upload a file containing the necessary information for multiple counterparties in a streamlined manner.
  • Creating individual counterparties: Users can opt to create individual counterparties by selecting the "Individual" option. This allows them to manually enter the relevant details for each counterparty.
  • Creating a organization counterparties: Alternatively, users can select the "Organization" option to create a single organization as a counterparty.

If users click on the "Individual" option, they will be directed to the presented screen. Here users are prompted to fill in the details on each tab and then click "Save" to create a new counterparty.
Following this action, the counterparty is created and now it is ready for approval.