Counterparty editing

To edit counterparties inside LYNKS, the interface offers several manners.

  • Editing on UI
  • Editing via file upload

Editing on UI

Here are the steps to follow to edit information about a counterparty.

  1. Navigate to the counterparties page

  2. Search for the item you wish to modify
    (The search field can lookup IBANs, names and alias)

  3. Choose the counterparty in question

  4. On the details screen, select the 'edit' button in the top right corner

    Counterparties - edit button

    Counterparties - edit button

  5. In side the editing modal, modify the information about the counterparty and save the changes

    Counterparties - editing modal

    Counterparties - editing modal

Editing via file upload

Inside the LYNKS interface, we provide the possibility to upload counterparties. This feature allows users to either create new counterparties or update existing ones.
To successfully update existing counterparties, the interface verifies the data inside the uploaded file. The validation checks if the IBAN and BIC already exist inside the system, and will update the information known to the system with the modified information from the uploaded file.

To update a counterparty, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Prepare a file with the information about the counterparty (.csv, .xlsx, .xls)

  • Inside the counterparty section of LYNKS, select the 'Upload counterparties' button in the top right corner

    Counterparties - Upload counterparties button

    Counterparties - Upload counterparties button

  • Drop your prepared file in the marked area, or select 'Browse' to find the file on your device

  • Confirm the uploading of the counterparty