User creation - Admin view

The LYNKS release 4.7 introduces the possibility to manage users and user permissions directly on the user interface. Only admin users have access to this functionality.

Administrators can now:

  • Create new users;
  • Configure access and permissions;
  • Configure signatory groups.

To create a new user, the admin should select the ‘Settings’ –> ‘Users’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. After that, click on ‘New user’

The Admin will then be prompted with a window where they can input the personal information of the new user as well as their notification and language preference.

Next step consists in defining the user access and permissions

At this stage, the Admin can configure the user permissions (i.e. what actions is the user entitled to perform), account groups and accounts (i.e. what accounts they should have access to), payment categories (i.e. what type of payments they can perform) and currencies.

Regarding Permissions, for example, it is possible to choose among a predefined list of roles, with a short description of what actions the user will be able to perform.

In the next view, the Admin can configure the signatory group of the user (i.e. the ability of the user to sign transactions for a given set of accounts). At this stage, it is not possible to define signatory groups and rules on the interface, but to choose among a predefined set of options (requested by the client during the initial configuration).

Finally, the Admin is asked to configure the preferred authentication method of the user (for example Finologee Authenticator, LuxTrust or Microsoft).

Once the procedure is completed, the user will receive an automatic email to activate his/her account.

Once a user has been created, it is always possible to modify his/her details by clicking on his name and editing the specific field.